Over the last year, I have talked with neighbors, friends, and other Ward 1 residents to share our stories and learn more about why people love living in Northeast, what we are excited about, and what concerns us for the future. What I have heard from our neighbors is that they want more action from our City Council member, now more than ever.

We deserve progressive leadership at City Hall – a City Council member to represent our progressive values and respond to the needs of all Ward 1 residents to get things done.

City Hall hasn’t made progress on the challenges we face because that progress keeps getting blocked by council members who side with downtown business interests. We need a proactive, progressive champion with the vision and courage to challenge the power brokers at City Hall and lead Ward 1, and Minneapolis, into the next decade.

At a time when our communities are facing enormous challenges, we can’t be afraid to speak up. We need to be bold. Even when we’re told our goals are impossible, our ideas are lofty, and we’re met with the greatest of resistance. We must take greater action toward equity and justice in our city policies, systems and structures. We must take action, work together, and create sustainable change.

Solutions exist, but we need a council member who is going to take action on them. We need a council member who will proactively lead on the issues that are important to our community, who will work with the community to create solutions even when we disagree, who excites us and inspires us to be involved. We deserve that leadership, and we should not settle for anything less. That’s the kind of leader I aspire to be. I would be so honored to work for all of my Ward 1 neighbors and bring our voices to the table.