Jillia will work with community to bring more voices to the table for a more just and visionary Ward 1 and Minneapolis.





Invest in community land trusts and perpetual affordable housing, fight for tenant rights, and support including affordable units in new developments. Build more housing so we can continue to welcome new neighbors.



Has not led on housing policy, while the city has lost thousands of units of affordable housing. We will not solve our housing crisis one small project at a time.



Oppose corporate welfare and instead use precious public resources to support the public good and small business.


Cast the deciding vote to give hundreds of millions of dollars to the privately-owned US Bank stadium.



Work to re-create effective police oversight, and invest in proven community policing and partnership programs. Greater de-escalation training, body cameras that turn on automatically, invest in mental and public health programs over a highly militarized police dept.


Voted to kill the Civilian Review Authority and replace it with a police-dominated panel. [9/21/2012]



Support strong action to fight climate change. She was endorsed by the DFL Environmental Caucus - and doesn’t take utility lobbyist dollars.


Voted to cut funding for the Clean Energy Partnership [12/1/2014], and has had executives and lobbyists from Xcel and Centerpoint co-host fundraisers.



Invest in Green Zones, so low-income communities hit hardest by pollution receive the clean up and investment they deserve. She will lead the transition to renewable energy.


Voted to strip funding from the Green Zone pilot [12/9/2015] - and give it to a project that never happened. Has subsequently tried to rebrand himself as a leader on Green Zones.

Voted against an ordinance regulating single-use bags- [8/18/2017]. Voted for a motion to send to delay any implementation of single use bag regulations after more than a year of out reach and feedback. 



Support strong action by the City on workplace protections like fair scheduling, wage theft, a living wage of $15 for all workers.


Voted to kill proposed ordinances on fair scheduling and wage theft. [10/23/2015]



Truly implement the Complete Streets policy by prioritizing people who live in our neighborhoods over people driving through them, and make sure that bike/ped projects in Ward 1 live up to their potential.


Voted repeatedly against projects to improve walking, biking and transit, including 3rd Ave S [4/15/16], Glenwood [12/9/2016], and Penn Ave N [8/7/15]. Has allowed the 18th Ave NE bikeway to be a half-measure.



Support equitable ways of engaging all kinds of people, through strong neighborhood organizations and in other ways.  Will push the City to do more to reach out to immigrants and people who speak English as a second language, not less.


Voted to strip funding from the One Minneapolis Fund [12/1/2014], which exists to help engage people who are not engaged by typical neighborhood organizations. Voted to remove two positions to better communicate with people who speak English as a second language [12/10/2014].