The Early Vote Center is located at 217 S. Third St., at the corner of Third Ave. S. and Third St. S., one block from City Hall.
Saturday, Oct. 28 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
Sunday, Oct. 29 from 12 noon until 5 p.m.
Monday, Oct. 30 - Friday, Nov. 3 from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 4 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 5 from 12 noon until 5 p.m. 


Meet Jillia Pessenda

Working with city officials on urban agriculture, fighting foreclosures, and advocating for youth and families, I have seen firsthand how we can solve problems in our city when elected leaders listen and proactively collaborate with community members. Too often, members of our city council have maintained the status quo instead of championing the change we need.

Through my years of experience creating positive change in our city and state, I realized that we need strong advocates at City Hall who will not only listen, but work with communities to proactively create the progress we need to move our city forward.

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Jillia’s Vision For Ward One

Now more than ever, we need a proactive leader at City Hall who will take action and drive progressive issues forward. Jillia is that person. She will be a champion for the residents of Ward One. She will amplify our voices and be the advocate we need on the City Council.

Jillia will:

Fight for working families

I grew up knowing what it feels like to sometimes not have enough, it is why I understand the importance of passing a living wage and fighting for economic justice. Ensuring a living wage of $15 isn’t a just a goal, it means the difference between my neighbors having enough food on the table, having a warm place to sleep and maintaining the dignity to pursue their dreams. A living wage is the foundation of a strong family because when parents spend more time at home, kids succeed in school. When renters can afford to live and spend money in their community, small businesses thrive and wealth stays in the community. Women and workers of color are disproportionately affected by low wages, and earning a fair income gets us one step closer to a more equitable ward and city. I will:

  • Fight for a $15 living wage
  • Advocate for secure scheduling
  • Enforce laws against wage theft

Keep Ward 1 an affordable place to live

Housing is a human right, and we don’t want to see anyone being pushed out. Protecting and increasing affordable housing, and creating solutions for mixed income neighborhoods are imperative. Current neighborhood residents should play a critical role in helping shape the future of the community. I will:

  • Invest in community land trusts and other cooperative models to ensure long-term affordable housing
  • Develop a Mixed Income Housing policy that ensures affordable units are included in new developments. I will work to remove obstacles to building affordable housing and innovative housing types like tiny homes, co-housing, and intentional communities
  • Promote policies that remove barriers to obtaining rental housing by helping residents mitigate eviction records and repair their credit history
  • Work to leverage public, private, and philanthropic resources to help maintain existing subsidized and naturally occurring affordable housing units
  • Support tenant protections including requiring just cause for evictions, and explore giving the right of first refusal to residents when rental buildings are sold

Invest in our neighborhoods

Our community must be safe and healthy for everyone. We must fight environmental injustice and prioritize healthy ecosystems, the arts, access to transportation and a local food economy. Our city streets should be designed to connect us and get us to where we need to go safely. They must be designed for all users, especially bikers and pedestrians. I will:

  • Tackle climate change by advocating for sustainable programs that build towards a zero waste city, like compost recycling in apartments, local community farming, promoting pollinator friendly habitats and the revitalization of commercial corridors with high-quality streetscapes and public spaces
  • Pass the Good Food Purchasing Policy
  • Invest in the arts and work to advance opportunities for women, artists of color and LGBTQ artists
  • Fight for healthy neighborhoods over big polluters and investigate the risk posed by oil trains
  • Prioritize people on foot, on bikes, and public transportation and work with community members on proactive improvements for dangerous intersections in Ward 1
  • Support the Above the Falls plan to open access along the river to all, including residents of North and Northeast. Invest in pollution remediation and work to halt industrial pollution in Ward 1

Eliminate racial disparities--Community Safety for All

Justice and equity should be at the core of everything we do. I will work directly with communities of color, indigenous communities, LGBTQ communities, new immigrant communities and others to make sure everyone in Ward 1 feels represented at City Hall. I will:

  • Explore a legal defense fund for MPLS families
  • Repeal ordinances that are used to unfairly target people of color and people living in poverty
  • Ensure any city data collected that could identify our undocumented immigrant neighbors be separated from federal ICE or other deportation forces
  • Prioritize de-escalation and ongoing implicit bias training for police officers, so we can build community trust and law enforcement accountability
  • Invest in mental health and public health resources to focus on prevention and community safety, including decriminalizing addiction and mental health issues
  • Bring back an independent Civilian Review Authority that is empowered

Small businesses are the backbone of a vibrant community. I support local businesses and cooperatives, which keeps wealth in our communities; I will vote against corporate handouts, including taxpayer funded stadium deals. As we do more to take care of the most vulnerable workers in our economy, we also need to do more to help our smallest and most vulnerable businesses. Many of the new jobs in our economy come from small business, and these businesses contribute enormously to the vitality of our neighborhoods and drive our local economy. Unfortunately, the City invests a lot in subsidies for corporations, like the one that funded the new stadium. I will:

  • Support co-ops, small businesses and businesses owned by people of color, new immigrants and women through city contracts
  • Help small businesses navigate the City’s processes through the expansion of the Small Business Office
  • Vote against handouts for big business, including, the tax-payer funded U.S. Bank Stadium

Help small businesses thrive

Building trust and accountability at City Hall

I am committed to building trust and accountability at City Hall. I know that trust in local government and elected leaders is critical for building a strong democracy. That’s why I am committed to actively engaging more residents in our local political process and increasing turnout in municipal elections. It’s also why I am committed to publicly funded elections and limiting the influence of money in elections at all levels.  


“I am ready to get to work as a progressive champion for Ward 1.”