What exactly is a precinct caucus, you ask?

Basically, it’s a political meeting held at different locations on the same day and time (this year, it’s next Tuesday, April 4 at 7pm). It’s the first step in the DFL endorsement process for candidates. It's pretty simple. You show up at the meeting location near where you live, meet your neighbors, and hear from the candidates and their supporters. When it's time, you can publicly put your support behind Jillia! You can then get elected to be a delegate for Jillia at your Ward One convention, which is Saturday, April 29. The Ward One convention is where a city council candidate from Ward One will be endorsed by the DFL. (Mayoral candidates and park board candidates will have their own citywide convention this summer.)

1. If you live in Ward 1, click here to find your caucus location.

2. Registration starts at 6:30pm on Tuesday, April 4 and caucuses start at 7pm. Give yourself some time to check-in and find the room where your precinct will gather. (Ward One has 10 precincts, roughly broken up by neighborhood.) Don’t be shy. It’s OK to ask questions!

3. Become a delegate for Jillia– Quite frankly, it’s the most important part of going to your caucus. By becoming a delegate for Jillia you are committing to attend the Ward One Convention on Saturday, April 29.

Find your caucus location

Precincts 1 & 10: Columbia Golf club

3300 Central Ave NE

Precincts 2-4: Northeast Middle School

2955 Hayes St NE

Precinct 5: Pillsbury Elementary School

2250 NE Garfield St

Precinct 6: Parker Skyview

1815 Central Ave NE

Precinct 7: Heritage Academy of science and technology

1042 18th Ave SE

Precincts 8-9: Edison High School

700 22nd Ave NE