Community Endorsement: Dan Hawkins & Mike Welter

Dan and Mike.png

We’re committed to our community and to having a strong representative on the City Council who will drive progressive issues forward.  That’s why we’ll be caucusing for Jillia Pessenda for City Council in Ward One on April 4.  

We appreciate the way Northeast has grown over the past decade and we want it to continue to develop, but in a planned way, so that we are protecting our neighborhoods, making them even more bike-friendly and limiting pollution. 

The Complete Streets policy, that the City Council recently passed, prioritizes people walking, biking and taking transit - over cars. Unfortunately, it has not been fully implemented on several high-profile projects. As a Council Member, we believe Jillia will not just promote and vote for policies like these that improve our neighborhoods, but will take the action necessary to implement them.

As a board member at OutFront Minnesota, I (Dan) had the opportunity to work with Jillia when she was on our Development team there. I appreciated Jillia’s transparent approach. She tells you what she is going to do - and then she does it.  Jillia also understands the real value of money. She knows how difficult it is to raise money and how thoughtful you must be when you make decisions on how to spend it.  I think both of these traits will serve her (and us) well as our City Council representative. 

We know Jillia will partner with community members to proactively create the progress we need to move our city forward.

Dan Hawkins & Mike Welter

Windom Park Neighborhood

Ward One