Community Endorsement: Megan Troyer

As a school psychologist in the Minneapolis Public Schools, I see that inequity is at the root of the biggest challenges our schools and scholars face; inequity of opportunity, inequity of resources, and inequity of outcomes for too many of our children and families. While some responsibility for these inequities falls on school district leadership, a large share also stems from deeply ingrained inequities in our city as a whole, which have been maintained as the status quo by our city for too long.

I’m supporting Jillia Pessenda for City Council to represent Ward One because she has a record of partnering with organizations and people of color, LGBT groups, families, and diverse small businesses to address these inequities. She shows up. She takes action. She is bringing more voices to the table.

Our current Ward One Council Member has too often taken a back seat rather than taking action on pressing issues such as:

  • police bias and brutality;
  • lack of adequate public transportation routes connecting neighborhoods of color (including lack of bus routes for students in North Minneapolis attending Edison High School);
  • industrial polluters making residents sick in neighborhoods along the river;
  • affordable housing;
  • living wages; and more.

Jillia will take action and lead towards justice and equity. She will represent the interests of the people over large corporations and taxpayer funded stadiums.