NOC Endorses Jillia

Jillia is a longtime NOC member we first met through the Occupy movement. She has a brilliant instinct and proven track record for understanding policy related problems and working tirelessly until the problem is solved.

Through Occupy Homes, Jillia worked closely with NOC to bring the energy of the Occupy movement to support the people who were most impacted by the big banks’ policies -- homeowners facing unjust foreclosure. Jillia worked with homeowners and renters who were fighting to keep their homes, helping them navigate paperwork, bank policy, and city government, and led public pressure campaigns to change the policies forcing people out of their homes. She represented NOC in a coalition to pass the Minnesota Homeowner Bill of Rights, one of the strongest sets of homeowner protections in the country, which passed in May 2013 with near unanimous support.

Jillia’s demonstrated ability to combine service work, organizing, and policy solutions make her uniquely qualified to serve on the Minneapolis City Council. She leveraged the skills she used with Occupy Homes to help legalize urban agriculture on the Minneapolis City Council, while working with NOC to turn vacant city-owned lots into community gardens, and to the Capitol to work to pass marriage equality. She’s shown a remarkable ability to solve problems at both the individual and systemic level. Her leadership is exactly the approach we need on the Minneapolis City Council.

Jillia’s answers to our questionnaire revealed a complex understanding of how different systems impact our lives and how policy can help to change those systems. She understands how a lack of affordable childcare impacts our policing system, and how over policing leads to mass incarceration which limits participation in democracy.  She understands how to get to the root of a problem and she isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, like fighting for a $15 minimum wage with no tip penalty and creating public safety models beyond policing, even before these issues became politically popular.

NOC members who are Ward 1 residents told us resoundingly in our caucus survey that Jillia is their choice to represent them on the City Council. We are thrilled to endorse her as our next Ward 1 City Council Member.