Community Endorsement: Jill Davis

I am excited to support Jillia Pessenda for Minneapolis City Council because I believe she represents the future of Ward One.

I take pride in having lived in Northeast all of my life, and I love the fact that I graduated from Edison High School and my son, Liam, did too. Even though I cherish that there are many families with deep generational roots here, the fact is that the demographics are growing more diverse. We need a council member who will ensure that every resident in Ward 1 feels welcomed in this community. A council member who is a strong voice advocating for them at city hall.Whether you are of Polish-American descent, from Somalia, Mexico, Duluth, or Wisconsin, Jillia will represent you at City Hall. 

As a former citywide member on the Minneapolis School Board (2009-2013 - the first person to be elected from Northeast in over 10 years), a community activist and DFL activist, and a 30 year social service professional, I understand the history of Ward One and the challenges we face. In this current political climate, status quo representation is no longer an option. Jillia has the courage and the capacity to face head-on the complex issues connected to racial, cultural and economic disparities. 

Jillia understands the importance of raising the minimum to a living wage of $15/hour without a tip penalty. She understands that unstable housing impacts children being able to function at school. She understands that if you don’t have accessible public transportation, a person can’t maintain steady employment or get to school or college. Jillia knows that if we don’t invest in sustainable environmental practices and safe neighborhoods, the very health of our community is negatively impacted. She understands the importance of investing in small businesses so that our community can thrive. However, she also knows that in her role as a council member, the greatest alliance and obligation she will have is to Ward One residents, not developers or downtown businesses.

Although, there has been great work done at Edison and the surrounding neighborhood, Jillia knows that more can be done for every neighborhood in Ward One. She will work hard to have a genuine working relationship with all 10 neighborhoods in Ward One and will facilitate resources and partnerships that will help each neighborhood thrive.

Jillia is the 21st century leader we need for Ward One. The fact that she is a female candidate is icing on the cake. Let’s make history and elect our first woman to the Minneapolis City Council here in Ward One.

Jill Davis

Former Minneapolis Public Schools Chairperson & Board Member 

Lifelong NE Resident - Waite Park Neighborhood