Community Endorsement: Dan Engelhart, Holland Neighborhood

Dan Engelhart

Dan Engelhart

There’s a lot of exciting things happening in Ward One, and we need a leader who will put the people of Ward One first, not big business. That’s why I’m supporting Jillia Pessenda for Minneapolis City Council.

I’ve lived in Northeast Minneapolis for 10 years. As a member of the Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee, I want a representative who will truly prioritize environmental justice. To me, this means focusing on industrial polluters who are damaging the health of the people who live here. This means committing to cleaning up the riverfront from the Plymouth Avenue Bridge to the northern city limits. This means taking action so that our neighborhoods aren’t overrun by luxury condos.

I know that Jillia will put our interests first. I know she will partner with my neighbors and me to be the champion we need for healthy neighborhoods. Jillia has a proven track record of working with community to pass policy to create healthier neighborhoods and she will continue to lead this work as our Ward One council member. 

Over the years, I’ve met with our current council member, but I’ve found that after a meeting with him, nothing happens. I am looking for a council member who will work with community members, respond to residents, and build meaningful coalitions to improve the quality of life in Ward One.

In light of the horrible things that are happening at a national level, I want to know that on the local level, I have the strongest advocate representing me at City Hall. Someone who is fighting for us, not big business. Jillia is that person. She is committed to grassroots people power. 

Join me in caucusing for Jillia on April 4.