Community Endorsement: Debbie Hahn Fisher, Windom Neighborhood

Debbie Hahn Fisher

Debbie Hahn Fisher

I am supporting Jillia Pessenda, who was featured in the December 14 issue of The Northeaster, because I want to be represented by a leader who has a clear vision for the future of our city and will bring the voices of Ward One to the table.

I don’t want to sit back and accept the status quo. I don’t want to relax and be comfortable because we have a good-enough City Council Representative and live in a generally-progressive neighborhood of a generally-progressive city.

 Good enough isn’t good enough right now. We need to elect a City Council member who will reflect and champion the values of our community and help implement progressive policies that move our city forward during this time. It’s not enough to just hold our ground. We need to engage and help our community, city, state, and country move forward. We can do this by paying attention and rolling up our sleeves at the local level. We can do this by caucusing for and electing Jillia Pessenda to the City Council from Ward One.

Jillia is my neighbor and I’ve experienced her looking out for others and being concerned about our community. I would love to see her passion and action on the City Council.

She is very clear about what she wants for Minneapolis and she is right on. We need publicly-funded elections, not publicly-funded stadiums. We need to support co-ops and small businesses. We need to enhance public transportation and rigorously enforce our plan to put people over cars when designing our streets. We need to actively focus on climate change and divest from polluters.

If the federal government won’t do it, the local one can. We can start by electing progressive champions like Jillia Pessenda.

Debbie Hahn Fisher
Windom Neighborhood