Community Endorsement: Russ Henry

I first met Jillia through our work on the Homegrown Food Council, a city initiative to expand access to sustainable foods. During my tenure as co-chair of the Council, Jillia lead the Outreach and Engagement Committee, helped develop urban agriculture policy, and worked with City Council to lease empty lots to urban farmers -- a process new to Minneapolis.

Working with Jillia, I was struck by her approach to policy-making. Jillia is a listener -- she cares about connecting with residents, engaging new communities, and understanding resident’s perspectives.

Jillia maintains an intersectional point of view. She has vast experience as a member of the city body and a unique perspective serving as a community advocate.. Whether it’s food access, healthy living, climate justice, or a sustainable living wage -- she works to uplift people's’ lives.

We need Jillia’s approach to governing at City Hall. For far too long, we’ve seen a top-down approach, where public officials make impactful decisions without the input of residents. Residents often aren’t even informed if a street is closed down for maintenance.

Like me, Jillia is running for public office not to maintain the status quo, but to make our city more efficient, empathetic, and equitable.Our next City Council has the opportunity to transform the use of government. Our city government should not be a means of growing income for high end developers, downtown business interests, and the rich -- it should tool for improving the health of the people of Minneapolis.

The Park Board and City Council works closely together. I look forward to working with Jillia to make a better city.

In solidarity,

Russ Henry,
DFL endorsed candidate for Minneapolis Park Board