Community Endorsement: Liam Davis Temple

I love Northeast Minneapolis. I am filled with immense pride everyday to be able to live in the same house where my Grandfather raised my Mom and her three siblings. I have always felt this very strong connection to my community, especially in regards to Edison high school. The proudest moment of my life was when I graduated from Edison in 2016, becoming the 4th generation from my family to graduate from there. I have always felt a responsibility to try and give back to Edison. Throughout my time there, I participated in 14 different activities. From serving four years as a student representative on the school's site council, to still announcing basketball and football games even after graduating, I was able to experience so much of what Edison had to offer.

It is because of my involvement and experience at Edison, that I support Jillia Pessenda for city council in Ward 1. Edison has made tremendous growth in recent years, but there is still much room for improvement. 85% of students at Edison receive free or reduced lunch. Jillia understands the impact financial burdens have on a students' education and has built her campaign on fighting for working families and students, not corporate interests. From the start of her campaign, she has fought for livable wages and ensuring there are affordable places to live, not just in Northeast, but all across the city. Many Edison students live in North, and Jillia understands the need for more east-west transit routes so students can get to and from school, and will fight for equitable transit policies as City Council member.

I was a student at Edison when Jamar Clark was killed in North Minneapolis. It had a huge impact on students. 85% of students are students of color and many students lived near the fourth precinct. To say the incident hit many close to home is a massive understatement. It was clear there was an insufficient response from the current Council Member. Whereas, Jillia was at the 4th precinct, standing in solidarity with those protesting Police brutality.

Jillia is a courageous leader who has spent her whole life fighting for social justice, and there is no doubt in my mind that she will be the champion Edison students, and all Northeasters, deserve to have representing them in city hall. Please join me in ranking Jillia Pessenda as your #1 choice for Ward 1 City council by November 7th!

Liam Davis Temple
2016 Edison graduate
Waite Park Neighborhood