Community Endorsement: Claudia Santoyo

I am a Ward One resident and recent graduate of Augsburg College. I voted early for Jillia for city council because she is a transparent leader who shares my values. 

I am a restaurant server who understands the importance of earning a living wage. Raising the wage to $15 with one fair wage meant no worker was left behind. Jillia and I understood we needed to support all workers and the common good, for all communities.

During my recent internship at the Sierra Club, I was continuously frustrated at how difficult it was to pass policy that benefits people and the environment. I trust Jillia will take more action to confront industrial polluters here in Ward 1 and fight climate change as a city.

Jillia will continue to take action to create living wages, create healthier environments, and create more affordable housing. She is committed to bringing more voices to the table at city hall. With your voice and vote, I urge you to vote early and rank Jillia first on your ballot by November 7th. 

Jillia’s commitment to engage more people empowered me to step up and take on a leadership role in the campaign as the Field Director. Each day, I see the stark difference between what Council Member Reich claims and the bad votes he has taken over the last 8 years.

  • He recently voted against charging for the use of plastic bags at local stores, which would have encouraged people to bring their own bags and would reduce waste as a means to protect the environment.
  • He was the swing vote for the U.S. Bank Stadium that is costing Minneapolis taxpayers nearly $500 million -- taxpayer dollars that could have supported other projects, like affordable housing.
  • He has hardly led on one housing policy as the city has lost thousands of affordable homes over the last 8 years.

Far too often Council Member Reich has aligned himself with downtown business interests, corporate lobbyists, and Ziggy Wilf instead of serving the people of Ward 1. 

Jillia is endorsed by, and has partnerships with, AFSCME Council 5 and TakeAction MN. She is one of the most endorsed candidates of anyone running in Minneapolis in 2017. I look forward to having a council member who understands how to bring people to the table and work with various perspectives.

I want to be represented by someone genuine, someone who is actually progressive and action-oriented – and not just paying lip service to those words. I respect Jillia’s transparency and knowing where she stands on issues while having meaningful conversations if we share different opinions. Jillia’s ongoing work with various communities clearly demonstrates that she shows up and is dedicated to creating positive change.