Community Endorsement: Marcia Thomas

I’ve lived in Ward One for half my life. I began my landscaping and gardening business here. My kids graduated from Edison High School, and like so many of our neighbors, I joined the fight to keep Edison open. Northeast is my home -- and I’m excited for its future. 

Our community is changing. We areexperiencing an influx of new families, artists, entrepreneurs, and immigrants. We need a City Council member who represents the changing dynamics of our community. 

Jillia Pessenda represents the future of our Ward: a young, energetic, and progressive woman. She has real vision to ensure Northeast remains a vibrant, thriving, and inclusive community. 

By and far, Jillia is better connected to the needs of residents in our community. I didn’t know Jillia before she started running. But, when we first met I was struck by her honesty, her openness, and her ability to listen. Jillia didn’t just court my vote, she welcomed my perspective. 

I think our current Council Member has done a fine job. But, he has lacked transparency with his decision-making process. As the deciding vote in favor of the stadium -- which greatly impacts working families in Ward One -- Council Member Reich never met with community members, never asked for residents’ feedback, and never offered disclosure on how he would vote. Jillia and I don’t necessarily agree on every issue, but she is transparent with her decision-making and willing to understand residents’ concerns. She embodies open-mindedness as a person and practices openness in governing. 

Northeast has been, and continues to be, a great place to live. We are the crossroads of Minneapolis -- the vibrant intersection of arts, small business, young families, and longtime residents. But in times like these, we must be even more inclusive of newcomers. Diversity is what we thrive on.

Jillia believes in a Northeast that’s welcoming to every person -- where opportunity, a living wage, and housing security are accessible to all types of residents. Every person -- whether they are new to Northeast or new to our country -- deserves the opportunity to make a home here. 

Looking around our community, I see a more a diverse and vibrant Northeast. I’m excited to welcome the new residents moving into neighborhoods, starting businesses, and living on my block. 

Other candidates may have represented the residents who lived here years ago. But Jillia represents the people who live here now -- the families I’m proud to call neighbors.

If you want to show your support for Jillia, please sign up to call folks or doorknock. And be sure to make Jillia your first choice when you vote! 

In solidarity,
Marcia Thomas
Windom Park