Community Endorsement: Davis Senseman

Let me get right to the point: We need to elect a strong leader like Jillia Pessenda who will listen to the people of Ward One and bring all of our voices to City Hall.

Jillia will put people before profits. And this matters. Right now, big businesses are pouring money into our local city council election and supporting certain incumbents, like Ward One Council Member Kevin Reich, who have a history of supporting their interests. These corporations don’t care about bringing our voices to the table or what's best for Ward One residents. They are only interested in one thing: increasing their profits and their power in Minneapolis.

For the past year, Jillia has been talking with Ward One residents about the issues that matter to us, listening to our concerns, and asking for our input about the future of our city. Her people-powered campaign is focused on keeping Northeast an affordable place to live and making sure folks are paid a living wage. Jillia also knows that we must tackle the racial disparities that are so prevalent in Minneapolis and we must demand more accountability from the police. And in something I have never seen in a City Council candidate in my 10+ years advising small businesses, Jillia has sought out small business owners who live and work in the Ward to ask - What could the City do to really help you and your employees. As our council member, I know she will be committed to our best interests.

The businesses trying to block progressive candidates like Jillia are the same companies who opposed raising the minimum wage to $15 and fought against a bare minimum of paid sick time for workers. They believe that Council Members like Kevin Reich work for them and will fall in line with what they want.

And they're probably right - Mr. Reich DID give them what they wanted when he cast the deciding vote to fund U.S. Bank Stadium, which has cost Minneapolis taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. Money that could have been used to help Ward One residents facing a lack of affordable housing and Ward One business owners who could use support from the city.

I am a parent of two and have lived in Northeast for almost all of the 17 years I've lived in Minneapolis. I’m also a small business owner and board member of two local nonprofits. It makes me mad that big business is trying to buy our democracy.  I hope you’ll join me in saying no to their interests and yes to our own best interests by volunteering for Jillia’s campaign.

Davis Senseman
Audubon Park