State Representative and Edison Alum Ilhan Omar Endorses Jillia Pessenda

Rep. Ilhan Omar and Jillia Pessenda at Jillia's Kick Off Event

Rep. Ilhan Omar and Jillia Pessenda at Jillia's Kick Off Event

As an Edison High School graduate and former neighbor, Northeast Minneapolis is near and dear to my heart. I believe that the residents of Ward One deserve a Council Member who will listen to their concerns and amplify their voices at City Hall. Jillia Pessenda is that person, and that’s why I am endorsing her for City Council

She is grounded in grassroots, people-powered action. She knows that when we come together to solve our problems, we can create sustainable change.

You can endorse Jillia too by making a donation to her campaign.

Her success in changing city-zoning laws to allow urban farming and market gardening demonstrates that she has what it takes to be an effective leader and make an impact on the City Council. As the finance director of my campaign, I know Jillia’s work ethic. When she sets her mind on something, she maps out how it can be accomplished and then gets it done. So, when she says she will create a more just and visionary city in partnership with community members, it excites me.

Jillia will center her work around gender and racial justice. These are not just buzzwords to her. As a staff member at Project 515, she worked on the campaign to win marriage equality for same-sex couples. And at OutFront Minnesota, she was part of the coalition that passed the country’s most comprehensive anti-bullying bill, which provides protections for all students.

Jillia is committed to increasing the minimum wage to a living wage of $15 and will fight for stable workplace protections, like secure schedules. She will advocate to keep housing costs affordable, so no one is pushed out of the neighborhood. She will also invest in our neighborhoods by tackling climate change and providing support for small businesses as well as advancing opportunities for women artists, artists of color and LGBTQ artists.

If you live in Ward One, I urge you to caucus for Jillia on April 4. She will be a progressive champion for all of us and move our city forward!

In Unity and Justice,

Ilhan Omar